Monday, October 20, 2014

New York: The Keith Haring Foundation - 25th Anniversary

New York:  The Keith Haring Foundation - 25th Anniversary.  This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of The Keith Haring Foundation, established by the artist in 1989. The foundation perpetuates Haring's artistic and philanthropic legacy through the preservation and circulation of his artwork and archives, and by providing grants to children in need and those affected by HIV/AIDS. Its location was Haring's studio from 1985-1990.
Above.  Part of a series of 17 silkscreens titled "The Blueprint Drawings", they are based on original drawings he created in 1981, these silkscreens were the last series of prints Keith signed (in January 1990, one month prior to his death).
Please note: All Haring artwork copyright The Keith Haring Foundation.

The Keith Haring Foundation.  Julia Gruen worked as Keith's studio manager from 1984-1990 and about a year after he learned he had AIDS, he decided to establish a foundation, and he named her as its executive director.


The Keith Haring Foundation.  The images are the remnants or "ghosts" of paint that bled through un-stretched canvas tarpaulins that Keith hung directly on the wall in preparation for painting them. “He was clean, tidy and organized but those splotchy marks of paint on the floor are original and authentic, he left them here and they will remain here.” Julia adds in an interview to the Huffington Post.


The Keith Haring Foundation.    Cubes - Haring furniture manufactured under license by Creativando, Italy. Behind the Cubes, Kids' Chairs, manufactured under license by Vilac, France.

The Keith Haring Foundation.   A photograph of "Dancer Bill T. Jones” painted by Keith Haring, 1983. Photography by Tseng Kwong Chi copyright Muna Tseng Dance Projects, Inc., New York. Artwork by Keith Haring copyright Keith Haring Foundation, New York.


The Keith Haring Foundation.  A selection of books from Keith’s bookcase and below catalogues from his exhibitions.

The Keith Haring Foundation.  The photograph of Keith aged thirteen by Allen Haring.  Photograph copyright Allen Haring. Chair manufactured under license by Creativando, Italy.

The Keith Haring Foundation.  Keith’s silver Nike sneakers.
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Friday, October 17, 2014

New York: Assouline Boutique - “#Carlos's Places” - Carlos Souza Book Signing

New York: Assouline Boutique - “#Carlos's Places” - Carlos Souza Book Signing. At The Plaza, tucked away on the mezzanine of the lobby is the Assouline boutique, an “Aladdin’s cave” of beautiful books, here Carlos Souza signed his book “#Carlos's Places”. The simpatico Brazilian, maybe globetrotter is a better word, is known the world over for his glamorous and fun-loving style. He is the Worldwide Brand Ambassador for Valentino, CEO and Creative Director of his jewelry design company, Most Wanted Design. He has a terrific eye for photography, especially details and people…And, many, many followers on Instagram.
Above. Martine Assouline and Carlos Souza.

Amy Fine Collins and Brad Comisar

Alana Bunte

Sean Souza and Zani Gugelmann
 Most Wanted Design Om Sign designed by Carlos Souza

Photograph by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Assouline – courtesy Assouline

Carlos and Sean Souza with Martha Stewart

Margaret Russell and Stephanie Labeille

Assouline. Maestro bookbinder Paul Vogel, works entirely by hand using the finest archival-quality materials and century-old equipment of bone, steel, and wood, to help craft the perfect gifts for bibliophiles and collectors alike.

Marina and David Orantes with Martine Assouline

Assouline - “#Carlos's Places” - Carlos Souza. Carlos Souza’s book is a guide to some of his favorite places around the globe, from New York and Paris to Sao Paulo, London, Rome, and Shanghai. In each location, he notes the best the city has to offer by listing his preferred spots to dine, dance, shop, see art, or just get a drink. Along with noting the unique fashion, food, art, and design places of interest. Souza has written little notes on each place, like a familiar travel diary you share with friends. 

  Gabriele Maggio and Erin Hazelton

Nadejda Savcova and Cristiana George

Drinks – White Wine and Water

Bethann Hardison

Carlos Souza and Giovanna Battaglia

Lizzette Kattan and her son Ronald James

Claudia Avendano and J.R. Savet

Nora Coblence

Helo Medeiros and Claudia Davila




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Brooklyn: Sunday Brunch Wythe Hotel – Reynard Restaurant.

Brooklyn: Sunday Brunch Wythe Hotel – Reynard Restaurant. I saw some of the most attractive people (even the older men looked like movie stars) at brunch in the Reynard restaurant located inside the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn.  The trendy hotel started with the discovery of a factory on the Williamsburg waterfront. The building was constructed in 1901 and has been converted into a 70-room hotel.   At the Reynard, the Contemporary American food was good too.
Above. Up high, the Ides Rooftop bar space has an unobstructed view of the Manhattan skyline, including a view of the Brooklyn Flea – Williamsburg. At the open-air market you can find antiques, vintage clothes, crafts and food, it is open from April until November. 

Reynard - classic - Scrambled Eggs – Cherry Tomatoes, Cilantro, Chevre, Toast

Reynard - quintessential brunch food - Eggs Benedict – Kale, Ham, Hollandaise

Reynard – Contemporary - Sweet Potatoes – Pecan, Brown Butter, Apple

  The Manhattan skyline from the Ides Rooftop

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Monday, October 13, 2014

New York: DC Moore Gallery – Jane Wilson at 90 – East Village/East End exhibition

New York: DC Moore Gallery – Jane Wilson at 90 – East Village/East End exhibition. At the DC Moore Gallery, Jane Wilson at 90 East Village/East West exhibition, until November 1, celebrates her sixty-year career. The exhibition features a group of rarely seen 1960s cityscapes inspired by New York’s Tompkins Square Park, as well as her recent work, which has brought her recognition as one of the leading landscape painters of our time.

 Photograph copyright - Jane Wilson - Courtesy DC Moore Gallery, New York

Jane Wilson - Avenue B Bus, 1966 - oil on canvas

  Photograph copyright - Jane Wilson - Courtesy DC Moore Gallery, New York
Jane Wilson at 90 – East Village/East End. Wilson’s recent paintings are luminous landscapes that hover between abstraction and representation, inspired by the sky, sea, and land of the East End of Long Island.   She focuses on events of the natural world, seasons of the year, times of day, and the many moods of the weather. Evoking these constant occurrences, Wilson directs her energies to making the most passing phenomena visible, to capturing the effects of shimmering light, heavy air, and passing thunderstorms. In many of her paintings, the sky, which can just as easily be taken as an abstract field of pattern and color, is anchored by the barest rudiments of recession and a low horizon that is a juncture of light and substance.  
Above. Jane Wilson - Sun After Rain, 1990 - oil on canvas.
Jane Wilson at 90 – East Village/East End. Wilson has been exhibiting steadily since 1952, when she was a founding member of the legendary Hansa Gallery on East 12th Street in New York City. A few years after moving to 317 East 10th Street, across from Tompkins Square Park, in 1958, she shifted from abstraction and expressionist landscapes to New York cityscapes, particularly atmospheric views of the park and surrounding neighborhood. In her Tompkins Square paintings, she continued her interest in tonal effects of trees, foliage, and grey skies, sometimes streaked with sunlight breaking through the clouds, while at times introducing strong contrasts through primary colors of stoplights, traffic markings, and other features of urban life. 
Above. A portrait of Jane Wilson in 1957, painted by Fairfield Porter, oil on canvas.
Jane Wilson at 90 – East Village/East End. In the early 1980s, Wilson returned to landscapes and began creating the distinctive works for which she is best known today. Her radiant paintings of the past three decades evoke the rhythms of the natural world, marked by constantly changing dynamics of everyday events of the sky.
“My landscapes are not painted on-site or from photographs.  They come out of my mind… out of my bones, really.   I seek to capture what it feels like to be there, on a strip of land or sand.  I move into a kind of recall about season, climate, time of day.  It’s what I call ‘muscular recall’…the sense of temperature and humidity… the wavering weight of the sky.  All this motivates, defines selections, as I begin to Paint.”
Jane Wilson at 90 – East Village/East EndJane Wilson and her daughter Julia Gruen

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