Sunday, May 24, 2015

New York – Meatpacking District – Santina Restaurant

New York – Meatpacking District – Santina Restaurant. Though designed by Renzo Piano, as you approach Santina it looks more like a temporary glass structure or a beach restaurant, up for the “season”, than a permanent structure with it’s orange and blue stripped umbrella tables. Inside and outside it is very understated chic, even “tongue-in-cheek”, it’s a mixture of global trendy references, achieved by the Murano chandeliers, the blue-and-white Julian Schnabel broken pottery art installation on the back wall, the colorful Vietri pottery and the waitresses wear “bowling uniforms” in shocking pink and white. It buzzes. The modern glassed-in space is situated right under the High Line and close to the Whitney, on what used to be the coast of Manhattan where some of the city's first farmers market once stood; Santina takes inspiration from the neighborhood’s history with a menu that highlights vegetables and fish. Dishes like Giardinia Crudite, Spaghetti Blue Crab and Bass Agrigento integrate Italian coastal cuisine with modern culinary sensibilities. It was created by the trio behind Carbone, Dirty French and Parkm; by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick.


Santina – The colorful pottery hand-made Vietri plates
Santina – Avocado Trapanese Cecina
A big flat cecina “pancake’ is brought to the table in its pan together with the chosen stuffing and sauce ready to be assembled.
Contessanally Taste Stars *****

Santina – Fusilli Santina
Contessanally Taste Stars ***

Santina – Lime Meringa
The meringa is smashed at the table with a spoon and then drizzled with custard.
Contessanally Taste Stars **

Photograph by Susan Simon

Santina The blue-and-white Julian Schnabel broken pottery art installation
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

New York – Chelsea: New Bisazza Flagship Store Opening.

 Photograph courtesy Bisazza
New York – Chelsea:  New Bisazza Flagship Store Opening. Luxury Italian mosaic company Bisazza launched its new flagship store in Chelsea’s art hub.  The impressive building has double high ceilings and it’s own private roof terrace overlooking, and practically on the same level as the High Line and with the extra bonus of views of the Empire State Building one of New York’s most iconic skyscrapers.
Bisazza – Host and hostess Rossella Bisazza and Tony Chambers Wallpaper* magazine’s editor in chief
Bisazza - India Madahvi who will be launching her new tile collection for Bisazza in the U.S. in September

Bisazza – Davina and Dror Benshetrit
Bisazza – The 1,800-square-foot roof terrace boasts a view of the “coveted” New York landmark, the Empire State Building and overlooks the High Line.
Bisazza – Laudomia Pucci and Rossella Bisazza admire the display of the Bisazza Wears Emilio Pucci collection, a collaborative effort inspired by archival prints from the legendary Florentine fashion house.
Marva Griffin Wilshire and Yvonne Durant

Delicious Bites

Bisazza - Tony Chambers, Gaye Cevikel and Yves Behar, who was just, awarded the A+Awards Best Product of the Year for the August Smart Lock.

Emeco’s Madson Buchbinder

Larissa Castellano Pucci and Laudomia Pucci

Minimal USA’s Bartolomeo Bellati

Michael Flaherty and Chuck Pollard

DJ Brooklyn Dawn

Xavier Lust and Emilie Dujat
Nancy Samberg

Thomas Chu and Virginia Yu

Rossella Bisazza wearing Emilio Pucci

Bisazza – The Roof Terrace





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Thursday, May 21, 2015

New York: Pace Gallery – Eureka Group Exhibition

New York: Pace Gallery – Eureka Group Exhibition.  At Pace in Chelsea, the Eureka group exhibition is on until June 27, it features artists who observe and map the cosmological, metaphysical and scientific through painting, sculpture and music. Eureka takes its name from Edgar Allan Poe’s eponymous prose poem published in 1848.
Above. Tim Hawkinson – Gimbled Klein Basket – 2007. He explores the fourth dimension with his Gimbled Klein Basket, which creates an analog rendering of an impossible object. With a porous, gridded bamboo structure, he recreated the Klein bottle and suspended it from the ceiling like a Calder mobile, envisioning an object that is at once knowable and of another dimension. 

Pace Gallery – Eureka
 “I design to speak of the Physical, Metaphysical and Mathematical—of the Material and Spiritual Universe:—of its Essence, its Origin, its Creation, its Present Condition and its Destiny. I shall be so rash, moreover, as to challenge the conclusions, and thus, in effect, to question the sagacity, of many of the greatest and most justly reverenced of men.”
Edgar Allan Poe - Eureka -1848

Above. Edgar Allan Poe – Eureka by Edgar Allan Poe – artwork by Arakawa - 1848

Pace Gallery – Eureka. Emmet Gowin – Sedan Crater, Northern End of Yucca Flat Nevada Test Site – 1996. Emmet Gowin’s aerial landscape photographs document both natural and human destruction inflicted on the environment. His crisp images render nearby sites alien, serving as relics of a shifting ecology.
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